For producers/artists:

We believe it sucks to send out demos without knowing if they were listened, or signing a track with a label that doesn’t do much for you. That’s why we created, currently a non-profit project, backed by >1.000 users already since March 2017. We help you to find the right label and invite them to check out your work. In many cases we can give you interesting information about the labels’ social network power and an indication of their response rate. This will give you a glimpse of what to expect. Once you sent our your demos, you will be able to “track & trace” them through the process and if you wish, we will update you using instant messaging (about playbacks, ratings and comments). You can even see which parts of your track were really listened. To help you delivering the best sound our members can also use our online automated mastering tools, for free of course.

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For labels:

Use our free demo management tools to optimize your workflow and save a lot of time. Take advantage of our growing community of producers and artists worldwide and tap from this new channel of opportunities.

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