Since 1981, Rane has been the go-to Brand for DJ’s worldwide. Big Club DJs, Festival DJs, Mobile DJs, Radio DJs and the Turntablist/ Battle Performance DJ—they all turn to Rane for no-compromise professional products. Rane’s unique mixers are world-renowned for giving DJs the ability to translate their creative energy directly into an explosive performance that always energizes the crowd.
At Dancefair 2018, RANE will present two products that will totally revolutionize the performance of professional DJs worldwide:
The Rane SEVENTY-TWO 2-Channel Mixer
Built like a tank with solid steel construction for non-stop heavy-duty use, DJs will use its 4.3-inch color screen, dual USB inputs and brand-new Mag Three fader to manipulate and customize the newest Serato technology into a unique performance. Die-cast aluminum toggles and customizable MPC pads unleash the creativity that all battle DJs have in them. It all makes for a DJ experience simply unavailable anywhere else.
The Rane TWELVE Motorized Controller 
The Rane TWELVE is a simple and powerful motorized DJ control system without the hassle of fragile needles and skipping tone arms. With a familiar turntable layout and 12” platter, the TWELVE replaces the traditional tone arm/cartridge with a precision, multi-function touch strip for track searching and setting or triggering hot cues.  DJs can finally scratch and play with all the direct spontaneity and creativity of a turntablist, but with the precision, repeatability and durability of the best digitally-based solutions. The TWELVE is the very best of both worlds.