Rekordbox is the standard in DJ software for many years. But with all it’s great features it lacks one element which is important to DJs: Camelot Keys.
Mixed in Key is the best key detection software in the industry.

But these two apps do not talk to each other. On Dancefair 2018 the And The Groove Remains Production Team is proud to release a new app to bridge this gap:

the Rekordbox Cue and Key Tool (ReCK).

ReCK on Camelot keys:

ReCK scans an Rekordbox collection for tracks that lack a (valid) Camelot key and collects them to a dedicated playlist.
Tracks that needs to be analyzed can be drag & dropped from this playlist to the user’s key detection software of choice.
If a valid Camelot key is present there is an option to add 0 in front of key values lower then 10 automatically. This makes the key column in Rekordbox fully sortable.
Additionally the comment field can be reformatted ‘key – bpm’, where key receives the added 0 if needed and bpm receives a preceding 0 for values lower then 100, e.g ‘2B – 80’ becomes ’02B – 080.00″. This makes the comment column fully sortable and finding harmonically matching tracks very easy. During performances the Pioneer CDJ player can show the comment tag next to the playing track’s title, having the base analyzed bpm and key value in sight.

ReCK on Cues:
Rekordbox has 2 storage banks for cues/loops: memory and hot cues. Each bank has it’s own limitations and use. ReCK can merge these 2 banks together so each bank contains the same cues/loops without duplicate entries and sort them chronologically. There is an option to protect the hot cues so the merge only occurs in the memory cues.
Mixed in Key can detect cues based on Energy level changing points. These cues were not available for Rekordbox. Reck converts the MiK cues to Rekordbox, with the cue’s energy level in the name. Converted cues can be merged with existing Rekordbox cues, overwrite them or leave tracks with existing cues unchanged according to the set preference.
Reck can remove these converted cues from the hot and memory banks leaving only the user’s set cues and loops fully in tact.

The price of ReCK is not set yet, but will be below US$ 10,-. Keep an eye on for more information and availabillity.

The video demonstration/beta tutorial is at: