Studio Desk story Being very close to music industry for more than 30 years, we started to design and manufacture our unique product line back in 2014. Our main goal is to create quality, practical, well-designed, and ergonomic products that last for decades. Constantly following current trends, we are strive to go hand-in-hand with ever-changing technology and our customer’s needs. We reach this goal when you become the proud owner of one of our desks. Our mission is to be an enduring company by designing and creating superior products for music lovers, hobbyists, and professionals in all levels of the audio and video industry. This desk is not an average desk to our customers. We see it as an essential part of our customers’ lives and workflow. Because creating music is a long process in every aspect, our ability to be creative highly depends on our mood, physical, and psychological comfort. When we begin to get uncomfortable during this process, our creativity drops significantly.
Those facts lead us when creating a new product.