A turnkey service company offering high performance studio construction and acoustic products. From budget friendly to all encompassing high end custom solutions. With a good selection of products in the three main categories: Basstraps/Absorbers/Diffusers, Studio Wood is making a big difference in terms of customisability and elite low frequency absorption. Next to acoustic solutions Studio Wood offers a select group of pro audio products for optimising sound quality, signal flow and processing.

To measure is to know. We provide an excellent format summarising all parameters necessary for a trustworthy reference point.
Specialised in the building of great sounding spaces, studio wood has a track record of studio’s, control rooms, hi-fi listening, home theatre and much more. We’re a great partner to convert design and demand into a reality.
Want a certain professional sound to your productions? A boldness, great depth or a grit that is killing it on the dance floor? Distilling each request down to it’s core we can provide an accurate answer to what product(s) can realise thát sound.
When optimising performance it’s also important to review the gear and how it’s being used. Through our experience we can review and isolatie the weakest link in the signal chain to further optimise performance.