As one of the oldest stringed instrument manufacturers in the USA, Washburn has been at the forefront of American music making for over 125 years. Washburn guitars, mandolins and banjos have all contributed to developing the American musical landscape as well as providing personal enjoyment to millions around the world. Today, as it was in 1883 when the first Washburns were produced, the same pride in craftmanship is evident in every instrument we build.

Washburn Guitars is owned and distributed by US Music Corp.
US Music Corp is a division of JAM Industries Ltd.

Washburn Guitar’s legacy of world-renowned excellence in acoustic instruments changed the course of contemporary guitar building with the introduction of the Lakeside Jumbo by Lyon and Healy in 1912. Essentially the first dreadnought shaped guitar, it was the only instrument of it’s kind until competitor’s followed Washburn’s lead 19 years later. Featuring steel strings, the Lakeside Jumbo measured 16 1/4″ wide by 5 1/4″ deep by 20 1/2″ in length. Public demand for experimental steel stringed instruments wasn’t very high in 1912, but after the Lakeside Jumbo caught on it cemented Washburn’s place as the forerunner in acoustic innovation that we are still known for today.