Armin van Buuren

This is a man driven by an unbridled and relentless passion for music. Armin van Buuren is a born perfectionist, striving to stay on top of the scene he’s helped build. As the flag-bearer of the trance movement, he’s one of the most influential figures in EDM worldwide. Even though he lives an extraordinary life as one of the world’s most popular DJs, he has always remained a down-to-earth guy. Armin van Buuren is constantly on the move, whether creating music in his studio or en route to his next high-end club or festival show around the globe.

Armin: Its not just love for music, its my passion. It goes beyond liking, and beyond a hobby. Its about a way of living. Music is essential to my life.


In this masterclass/interview we dive deep into the musical mind of Armin like you have never seen or heard before.

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