Producers and Modern Musicians.

Yes! We are the Future!!!

Dancefair 2018 is already getting in shape. In the weekend of February 17/18 2018 we will ensure another massive event in Jaarbeurs, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Dancefair is the international gathering for DJ’s, Producers, Modern Musicians & Industry Professionals related in any form to electronic dance music. We share knowledge, connect networks and create fresh ideas.

What to expect

  • Knowledge: Artists, Seminars, Masterclasses
  • Network: Labels, Demodrop, Industry Professionals
  • Gear: Software, Hardware, State-of-the-Art Gear, High-End Equipment
  • Music: EDM, Hardstyle, Trance, Techno, Trap, Bass, Future House and more…

Anyway. Enough said!  Of course you can expect the things we do best. Never change a winning formula! Dancefair offers you new ways to get your dreams to become a better producer, dj, (young) industry professional a little closer.

What’s new at the Demodrop

For music makers we have an upgrade of our Demodrop Area. We moved the location of the Demodrop to a quieter part of the event making it even more suitable for you. This is the place to drop your music. The sweet spot where your music will be heard by more then 80 different labels and A&R managers in the modern music industry. So this is your chance!

Check this video of 2017 where CEO and founding father of Dancefair explains:

New! Advanced Mixing and Mastering area

Dancefair wants to offer you content and a chance to be discovered . That is why next to the Demodrop area we offer an Advanced Mixing & Mastering Area where you can upgrade your sound and improve your demos instantly. We will keep you posted on that.

Ghostproducing with House of Tracks

For now, we can drop some names to even get your more interested. Be aware, there are many many more to follow. We will start with the Ghost Producing Platform: House of Tracks. Yes! The modern music business is driven by ghost producing and we don not think anything is wrong with that. Do you want to build a serious business with electronic music? Consider dropping your tracks here!

Meet Be Yourself Music

You can be a ghost and you can be yourself. Be Yourself  Music has a big variety of labels under its wings. The superordinate label is a place where all music comes together. Here the music that excels on each label is highlighted and where a wide variation of albums and compilations are released. The home of good music and the parent label for many. You want more? Be Yourself Music is the Dutch powerhouse that has worked tirelessly to form a bigger picture for the industry. To name a few sublabels in a fresh variety of electronic music, ranging from innovative to harder styles: Big & Dirty, Dirty Soul, High Contrast and Derailed Traxx!


We have the honour to announce a third partner in crime already. What about 2-Dutch?  2- Dutch is a dynamic, boutique music agency specialising in the dance scene. These pro’s are ambitious and dedicated to giving talented artists the priority and focus they deserve. This is a unique chance to join a label which is dedicated to bring fresh youngsters to the top. You want names? Brooks, Lucky Charmes, Showtek…..

Dancefair Digital

By the way! Did you know that Pep & Rash were discovered during Dancefair at the Demodrop? Check out Dancefair Digital and learn more. Do not forget to subscribe for free to Dancefair Digital to receive the next edition on the 6th of December 2017!

Ok! That is it for now!

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