Dancefair 2018 is DJ

DJs it is your time! This year Dancefair will create a dedicated area devoted to DJs. Enter the DJ Club Area and find the answers to all your burning questions. During the upcoming event over 20 superstar DJs will be part of our program filled with masterclasses and more. It is time to discuss some serious DJ stuff.

DJ Topics

  • Skills
  • Gigs
  • Gear

What You Will Learn

  • How to prepare your set properly and organise your music accordingly
  • How can you read a crowd and improve your performance on the fly
  • How to choose monitors, mixers, headphones and controllers for DJs
  • How to raise your profile online with your DJ website and social media
  • Which DJ software is the best for my DJ sets
  • Differences between purist DJs, purist producers and the role of ghost producing
  • What can mash-ups and remixes do for you as a DJ

Wow! You will get quite some answers during Dancefair 2018. Honestly, this is not all. Do not forget the dedicated Pioneer Area, 6000m2 filled with gear and to be announced DJ masterclasses. Check to first draft of the Timetable for Dancefair 2018

We have three words for you: Do Not Miss!

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