It is with a heavy heart we want to let you know that our beloved founder and CEO of Dancefair Norman Soares has passed away last Friday. To describe Norman in a few words is simply impossible. How could you describe a person in a few words if for that person himself a few words never sufficed? Lust for life, charismatic, passionate, enterprising, full of enthusiasm, always a twinkle in his eyes and a smile from ear to ear, inspiring and inspired at the same time, ambitious, intelligent, adventurous, driven, hilarious: Norman was it all and so much more. In an event full of stars from the music industry Norman was perhaps the biggest star of all. He visibly enjoyed all the attention, often taking his time to chat with everybody while making sure that nothing and no one escaped the lens of his phone camera. Much like his events and podcasts Norman elevated life to a true art. There was simply no room for mediocrity. Life had to be seized with two hands and lived, felt and experienced to the fullest. There was no middle ground.

Although the loss is great, we truly hope that his brief life may inspire you to make the most of your life as well. To live your life with full intent and with complete passion and dedication. To find new challenges, to get to know new people, and to learn new things. Because that is how Norman lived as well: always chasing his dreams, always open for new people and experiences, always living life to the fullest.

Dear Norm: thank you for all your beautiful inspiration and boundless energy. We hope you may rest easy and that you keep the party going in the hereafter as well. Drive ’em crazy.

<3 Team Dancefair

“Be positive. Really. Push yourself to do two positive things a day. And you will see that if you keep pushing, at one point it will become a part of you and positive things will come your way.” – Norman Soares