Dancefair 2018 is Producer

In 2018 there are many fascinating areas for producers. To name a few: Ableton Area, Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam, Advanced Mixing & Mastering Area, DAW Area and of course your chance to be discovered at the Demodrop.

Dancefair wants to take your skills, techniques and performance to the Next Level. That is why we offer this 100% commitment to producing music in the Next Level Area.

Producer Topics

  • Mixing/Mastering Major Lazer with Las Vegas-based engineer Luca Pretolesi
  • Xfer Serum Masterclass
  • Composing & Arranging
  • Finishing Tracks
  • Synthesis Advanced
  • Media Training

What You Will Learn

  • How to create a professional track with advanced mixing
  • How looping and sampling make an effective contribution to your tracks
  • How modulation and automation are used effectively
  • How to use simple management techniques in your studio
  • How to use an effective toolbox in your studio and limit it to the essentials
  • How to use subtractive synthesis and related methods
  • What frequency modulation (FM) can do for your tracks and sound
  • How to position yourself on social media
  • How to find balance between personal and professional

Everything you need as Producer

This is not all. Do not forget the dedicated masterclasses by many international renowned producers, 6000m2 filled with the latest gear, a dedicated area for Modern Musicians, another area for Music Industry Professionals and so much more.

Check the first draft of the Timetable for Dancefair 2018

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