Dominique Vijverberg, better known as Deeparture, is steadily building his name in house music’s community. Carefully building a reputation for exquisitely crafted and innovatively programmed dance music, using his Deeparture production soubriquet, Vijverberg, has already caught the attention of the industry’s most celebrated names.


There are many aspects to consider to successfully create club oriented deep house. Picking the right instruments and samples that sit perfectly together, creating an ideal arrangement that will stay interesting throughout an entire track without ‘overdoing’ it, getting that ultimate pumping groove and making everything sound professional, balanced and fat without destroying the dynamics that makes this music work so well in a club environment.

Are you a beginning producer and struggling to find your workflow with all those endless possibilities? Or are you an experienced producer in need of some technical tips to give your productions that finishing cherry on the cake? I will tell you every tip & trick I wish I had heard all these past years as a visitor, both technical and workflow related. I will deconstruct my house remake of Hans Zimmer’s Time, supported by the likes of Lane 8, Yotto, Eelke Kleijn, Hernan Cattaneo, Yotto among many others.

What’s in it for you?

  • All the technical ins & outs of creating a house track, no secrets. We will cover the arrangement, instruments/synths/plugins, layering, sample choices, mixing/referencing etc.
  • Proven tips & tricks that will help you find your ultimate workflow and stay motivated throughout the process.
  • Sparring with a peer who experienced (and still experiences) all your struggles in the studio: Like no other, I know what it means to get ‘stuck in the loop’, to overcomplicate things, to feel the frustration that after weeks of tuning, your music still doesn’t sound as well as that of your favorite producers.

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