Dancefair 2018: also a must for DJs

Most likely you can talk for hours about fat tracks, gear, gigs, skills, Beatport, Sound- and Mixcloud and why you play vinyl, CDs or MP3s. You search for the right music for nights, dreaming about your final breakthrough and trying to get as many gigs as possible.

Welcome to the life of the DJ.

Almost everyone has started at the bottom and that is good. There are people who say that DJs only press the sync button and ‘just do something’. But we know better. The DJ profession is a craft and to be successful there is so much more to it.

Besides producers and music professionals Dancefair offers also more than 25 top DJs such as Tony Junior, Irwan, Lucien Foort, Robin Albers, Vato Gonzalez, Biggi, DOLF and Mental Theo for various masterclasses, seminars and Q & A panels specifically aimed at and for DJs .

What can you expect:

• Live tutorials by top DJs
• Set preparation
• Read your audience
• Gear innovations
• Artist marketing
• The art of networking
• Social media and streaming

Check out this amazing masterclass by Laidback Luke during Dancefair 2015.