Dancefair Gift Bag

Allright! Dancefair 2018 is up and running. As you have noticed we are building an even better version of Dancefair in Utrecht for 2018, and are improving some stuff for you all.  Did you know tickets are already available? You van purchase them here.

Please take you time to read this brief instruction to fully benefit from the rewards Dancefair offers you as loyal fans and visitors.

In collaboration with Maarten Vorwerk, Dancefair offers the Dancefair Gift Bag. Every person who buys a ticket for Dancefair 2018 on Saturday and/or Sunday February 17/18, will receive a filled bag with value and a hardcopy version of the ultimate handbook to become a successful Dance Music Producer by one the most succesful music producers of all time: Maarten Vorwerk.

You can buy this book in stores at €16,95, but this book comes with your Dancefair ticket and you will receive the book when you leave the event.

What’s inside the Dancefair Gift Bag?

  • The Ultimate Handbook to Become a Successful Dance Music Producer by Maarten Vorwerk (190 pages)
  • Discount coupons on gear
  • Free sample packs and plugins
  • Free magazines
  • More to be announced

What do I have to do?

Who is Maarten Vorwerk?

It is not a shame that you do not know. Maarten is maybe one of the biggest dance producers ever. He is the ultimate ghost producer with many, many hits under his belt. Our friends of DJ Mag did a nice overview of his work. Check it here!

Tickets are now available: Tickets

Set yourself on attending: Facebook Event

Free Hardcopy book with ticket