Ableton 10 

In 2018 Ableton will release a totally refreshed and extended version of Ableton Live. It is time for Live 10. During the entire weekend Ableton will host an unwavering Ableton Area. With product specialists from Ableton, SAE, Pyntago, MPA and Abbey Road Institute you will get the opportunity to learn everything you need to know about Ableton.

Ableton Topics

  • Introduction to the new Live 10
  • Creative mixing with Live & Push
  • Arrangement view editing in Live 10
  • Make a quick track in Live
  • Creative audio editing in Live
  • Live 10 Wavetable device in depth
  • Guitar Looping in Live & Push

What You Will Learn

  • How Live 10 & Push will improve your workflow
  • How to be creative with your mixes
  • How to use Push while mixing your tracks
  • How to use automation, warping and time stretching
  • How to make a quick track from a basic idea
  • How to use Simpler/Sampler and Wavetable
  • How to implement Push with live (guitar) looping
  • How to use Ableton with external instruments

Dedicated DAW Area

Besides the Ableton masterclasses there is also a special DAW area with pro users and experts that will help you with your producer questions. Become part of your favourite DAW community and start sharing knowledge! The DAW area is located at the back of the expo floor. You will see the DAW logo’s over there.

Check this first draft of the Timetable for Dancefair 2018

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