Live 10 

Ableton will reveal the new and improved Live 10 during Dancefair 2018. We all know this Live 10 and improvement of Push will be massive. On the 17th and 18th of February you are in for something special. In the completely dedicated Ableton area you have a unique opportunity to get in touch with the refreshed and extended version of  Live 10.

During the entire weekend Ableton will host an unwavering area. With product specialists from Ableton, SAE, Pyntago, MPA and Abbey Road Institute. Furthermore top artists like Retrovision and Dante Klein will provide production masterclasses, giving an exclusive insight into their workflow. Learn everything you need to know about Ableton during Dancefair 2018.

Masterclasses: Camiel Daamen (SAE), Maurits Boegman (Ableton), Jean-Paul Grobben (Pyntago), David Stellar (Pyntago), Didier de Ruyter (MPA), MarcoAntonio Spaventi (Abbey Road Institute), Paul Davids (Guitar Looping) and top artists RetroVision (FR) and Dante Klein (NL)

Ableton Topics
  • Introduction to the new Live 10
  • Creative mixing with Live & Push
  • Arrangement view editing in Live 10
  • Make a quick track in Live
  • Creative audio editing in Live
  • Live 10 Wavetable device in depth
  • Guitar Looping in Live & Push
What You Will Learn
  • How Live 10 & Push will improve your workflow
  • How to be creative with your mixes
  • How to use Push while mixing your tracks
  • How to use automation, warping and time stretching
  • How to make a quick track from a basic idea
  • How to use Simpler/Sampler and Wavetable
  • How to implement Push with live (guitar) looping
  • How to use Ableton with external instruments
DAW Cafe

Besides the Ableton masterclasses there is also a special DAW cafe area with pro users and experts that will help you improve your Ableton workflow. This is your chance to make music friends for life, share tips & tracks, get answers to all your burning questions and become part of your favourite DAW community! All the DAWs will be present. Check out more about the DAW Cafe here!

Production Masterclass: RETROVISION – How I produce my tracks

RetroVision will show you how he produces his music. He will show you how he’s using an interesting range of plugins for sound design. You can see his mixing workflow and how he chops vocals.

What you will learn:

  • Sound design in Ableton Live
  • See RetroVisions workflow
  • Get inspired

Ableton Area – Saturday – 16:30/17:30

Production Masterclass: DANTE KLEIN – Track deconstruction 

Dante Klein will deconstruct one of his tracks. You will see how he produces his music and what decisions he usually make to enhance his creativity and workflow. He will talk about how Ableton Live helps him to create his tracks.

What you will learn:

  • Learn about his workflow
  • Learn about producing a track
  • Get inspired

Ableton Area – Sunday – 16:30/17:30

Instrumentalist Masterclass: PAUL DAVIDS – Guitar looping in Live with Push

Paul Davids, (musician, music teacher) guitarist and Youtube blogger with more than 378K subscribers, will show you how you can combine Ableton Live 10, Push and his guitar. Learn how you can setup your gear. Also interesting for vocalists, keyboard players and drummers.

What you will learn:

  • Learn about routing your guitar signal through Ableton Live
  • Learn how to implement Push with live (guitar) looping
  • Learn about new devices in Live 10 who can shape your guitar sound

Ableton Area – Sunday – 15:15/16:00