‘The DJ Area’ at Dancefair is one of the features we are very excited about. Two full days of masterclasses and panels where you will find answers to all of your DJ and artist questions.

Performing in front of an excited audience every week. A dream for many, and the most difficult part of the DJ existence.
But.. this year, Dancefair is the place to get the right information and tips to prep yourself as an artist and to make sure you are doing the right things of getting those gigs in. ‘Cos let’s be real: It will be a hell of journey with more downs than ups and will take lots of time and persistence.

From prepping your gig, tips how to approach the right people, to grow your fanbase and to get perfect mixtapes.

We will present each and every masterclass with superb DJs who paved the road or walking the paths right at this this moment: Just like you.

You won’t find much online about this subject, so get that ticket to your DJ future. It’ll be worth every penny.