Yes! We are the Future!!!

Of course you can expect the things we do best. Never change a winning formula! Dancefair offers you new ways to get your dreams to become a better producer, dj, (young) industry professional a little closer.

What’s new at the Demodrop

We have an upgrade of our Demodrop Area. We moved the location of the Demodrop to a quieter part of the event making it even more suitable for you. This is the place to drop your music. The sweet spot where your music will be heard by more then 70 different labels and A&R managers in the modern music industry. So this is your chance!

Check this video of 2017 where CEO and founding father of Dancefair explains:

By the way! Did you know that Pep & Rash were discovered during Dancefair at the Demodrop? Check out this Dancefair Digital and learn more.

Ok! That is it for now!

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