After many sleepless nights we have finally made the tough decision to reschedule our upcoming event. The recent spread of the Corona virus impacts us all and as a result Dancefair as well. For obvious reasons we cannot take the risk to follow through with our plans to hold the event in the beginning of May, also considering the fact that many international visitors have already informed us they would not be able to attend.

We have therefore decided to reschedule Dancefair 2020 to Saturday October 31st – Sunday November 1st. We would kindly like to ask you to support our decision, as rescheduling the event also has far-reaching financial implications for us as organization. But most importantly: Dancefair 2020 is nonetheless taking place!

Of course we have also considered all visitors who potentially may be duped as a result of this decision. We have sent them a separate email with further instructions.

Please stay safe and see you all again in the weekend of October 31st – November 1st!

Best wishes,
Norman Soares & team