KRK Weekend

KRK is the brand for sound quality for DJs, producers and modern musicians. At KRK they take design and performance to the next level. If it’s not right…it won’t go to the market…period! That is the kind dedication you are looking for. Connect, listen and learn.

Bring your own tracks—crank them up, listen to them with balanced sound on our KRK Studio monitors. You may be surprised what you hear, and we’ll explain and discuss specific examples of better translation through your listening environment.

  • Analyze your own tracks on KRK Studio Monitors to identify mixing issues
  • Consult with KRK on your mixes in a constructive environment
  • Tell KRK experts and pro users about your setup and get direct feedback
  • Get answers to specific question you have about monitoring systems

Sick Individuals, Ilan Bluestone, Jan Morel, RODG, Cloud 9 Music, Nils Karsten (KRK), Jimmy R. Landry (KRK)

What you wil learn on Saturday
  • Find out the best way to position your studio monitors regardless of room dimensions
  • Learn about the differences in speaker sizes and what you need for your setup
  • Learn how to make drums sound punchier in the mix
  • Explore different ways to separate the kick drum and bass
  • Understanding frequencies and how to place instruments in a mix
  • Using “Phase” creatively to make room in the mix
  • Find out inside information from those in-the-know with Cloud 9 Music
  • What are some of the techniques pros are using to get great sounding masters with RODG
What you wil learn on Sunday!
  • Learn how to correctly track vocals in different environments
  • Find out how professionals use different techniques to get sparkling vocals
  • What the techniques are that Sick Indivduals for their unique sounds
  • Sound treatment and acoustics with Jan Morel and how to set it all up
  • How much sound treatment you really need for certain room types
  • Techniques on making mixes wider and fuller with Ilan Bluestone
  • What to use on your Master Bus (if anything)
  • Modern side-chaining