Ace Face Records was established in January 2018.
Our main goal is to discover new and good artist so that we can help them grow in the music industry through our label,

A dedicated team is here to integrate you in our crew as smooth as possible. also We only believe in good music and not genres so feel free to send a demo to our A&R team through the e-mail provided below.


“Here at Ace Face Records” our motto is:

We all speak the same language, MUSIC! 🙂

That being said, you’ll understand that “Ace Face Records” is way more than just a label, its a real family, our members are a united team always ready to help and advice you with your projects.

So if you feel that you’ll fit into our cooperation and team state of mind you’ll be more than welcome to our sides.

if you have any questions about us and our work, please just send us a message, we will be here to talk to you.

We’re already glad to have you by our side 🙂