With ten years of essential electronic music under its belt, Be Yourself is a Dutch powerhouse that has worked tirelessly to form a bigger picture for the industry.

A family of labels, likeminded artists and sounds from across the electronic dance spectrum, the past decade has seen Dick De Groot’s home-grown family grow extensively in size and influence, capping more next generation talent and future sounds than any other imprint on the market. A story of both surviving and excelling in the digital market, scouring the industry for leading talents and letting good music hold its corner in all the right places, a lot has changed since Be Yourself opened shop in 2005 – everything, that is, but their indisputable relevance to global dance music.

With more than ten years at the forefront of global dance music, Be Yourself’s various faces have collected some serious industry collateral along the way. More than eight functional imprints and a who’s who catalogue of releases make up the Be Yourself family tree, one that has its roots firmly placed in the history books of electronic dance music and the meteoric boom of European talent now recognised on a global scale. It unifies acts as varied as: Bakermat, Rank 1, Lulleaux, The Galaxy, D-wayne Marco V and Wildstylez under its banner, marking a collective unrestricted in sound, geography and influence.

The legacy of Be Yourself has taken many forms, but all share one key focus: music discovery. As the playful cousin of Be Yourself, Big & Dirty has dared to be different, bringing a heartfelt mantra towards the electronic dance market. Led by versatile music and A-grade artists, this is a sub-label that dares to be different where the next generation of talent is concerned. Full bodied electronic beats, timeless house cuts and talent from every continent are where Dirty Soul comes into play, whilst Marco V’s In Charge sub-label has seen the long serving Dutch heavyweight pay it forward to the future of electronic dance music like few other artists of his time. Where trance has continued to evolve at intense speed, High Contrast has continued to serve as a sibling ship to Be Yourself’s on-going musical exploration. On the harder musical spectrum Derailed Traxx serves to be a place for new rising talent to express it musical capacities. Add work alongside, Dirty Soul Music, WE R and Lose Control, and there’s music for every possible palate under this musical umbrella.

Limitless possibilities, a plethora of global talents and a close grip on the future movements of electronic dance music make the next ten years an open playing field for Be Yourself Music. Bent on reliability, calculated risks and most importantly, real talent, this is an authentic face of dance music validation still held in the highest esteem on club floors and the digital market alike.