After 16 years of silence, hardcore/gabber recordlabel Point44 Records is back!
During Christmas 2011 labelowner Rob Boskamp and A&R Manager William Jordens both came up with the idea to do something with the backcatalogue of Point44 Records. After 2 years of working hard behind the screens, we finally decided, that it was time to show our new identity and new artists. Point44 Records and sublabels Darryl’s Choice, White and Point X existed for approximately 5 years in the heyday’s of hardcore/gabber from 1993 untill 1997.
During those years many hitrecords were released, like: Return of a Looney (Renata Ricciardi), Sarin (Party Animals & Jordens), Please Paï (DJ Jordens), Watch This (Superior Dj Team), Energize (Demonax) and Cyndrum (Bionic Commanders). The new tracks and remixes will be produced and re-arranged by a young and dedicated team of new artists, all with their own distinctive sound.