Scantraxx Recordz

Attending event


Scantraxx is also hosting the Harder Styles (area 5) again this year, full of production Masterclasses and Q&A’s!

Scantraxx is a Dutch record label, founded back in 2002 by Dov Elkabas aka The Prophet. The next 10 years Scantraxx will be seeking for synergy between our label, artists and audience. Just like the past decade, we want to be the home of hardstyle: a spindle and driving force in this unique scene, by bringing you high quality hardstyle. Through unity and dedication, hardstyle became a very powerful scene. With solidarity as one of the main elements, Scantraxx feels one with all lovers. We need all these individuals to do what we do, and be who we are. Gratitude from Scantraxx therefore is only right. This thought characterizes the last 10 years of our label, and will be a strive to encourage for the next decade.