FIRST IMPRESSION The label First Impression was originally founded by Robin ‘Jaydee’ Albers in the early nineties. “Around that time, everyone started their own label. You really needed to have one to be taken seriously. If you had a label, you were seen as being ‘complete’.” Junkie XL was one of the first who signed at First Impression and we all know how big he became since then. “In the late nineties I ran a club and in 1998, and in cooperation with ID&T, I started Slam FM.” All these projects took up a lot of hours, so there wasn’t enough left for First Impression and Robin decided to shut the label down. “I just didn’t have the time anymore. To run a label all by yourself is hard.” These days Robin is part of Dutch DJ Booking and Streaming Music. Together with Melvin and Bas he revitalised First Impression.