Business of Music

The music industry offers so many opportunities. You need a plan to launch your business, and we’re here to tell you how! The Business of Music Area is a gathering of leading industry professionals to tell you how to skyrocket your career in the music industry. Avoid the pitfalls. We’ve got you covered!

Business Topics

  • Starting a company in the music industry
  • Building a Youtube music community
  • Blockchain and the music industry
  • Spotify and promoting your music
  • The power of the playlist
  • Monetising your online music

What You Will Learn

  • How to build a long healthy career
  • How to launch a successful start-up
  • How develop your business and upscale
  • How to implement Spotify and Youtube in your business strategy
  • How to effectively apply the power of playlists
  • How to monetise your online community
  • What Blockchain can do for you and the music industry

Industry Professionals

Business of Music is a dedicated area for educating you about the last developments and innovations in the music industry. Business is also about networking. Therefore we offer a devoted area for industry professionals. This is a gathering of professionals closely related to the music industry. Think about event management, webdesign, social media management, artist management, photography, film, administration, legal advice and finance. Actually this list is endless. Start connecting!

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