More and more people are discovering the power of film to grow their fanbase.


Maybe you have ideas as well to start a vlog channel like Tony Junior or an online masterclass on YouTube to show of your skills.  Both excellent ideas!

Making video content is cheap and it’s easy to get started on socials. Moving images grab the attention much more, so this is the way to have more real interaction with your fans.

But here is where many of us start to get insecure..

That recognizable ‘comfort zone feeling’ what you experience while making music, tends to vanish quickly while looking into a camera lens. All of a sudden you start feeling nervous and don’t know what to do..

You see.. It’s important to overcome your fears. Musician’s have the tendency to believe that their music alone is all that matters. But if you present yourself to an audience it’s about the full package as well.


But that full package is…. you


So how can you present yourself with ease, and self confidence on screen? Well, we have good news for you. This is something you can learn. It is a combination of personal style and simple techniques.

The DJ Club will the place where you can learn form the master  Marco C. de Bruin. Learn the right skills and how to prepare yourself to be the most authentic you. The Media Training masterclass will be on both days.