Music Professionals

Do you want to become an artist booker, start your own label and learn everything about blockchain and music? Dancefair connects (upcoming) music professionals with the latest trends and innovations in the music business. Take a seat in the “Business of Music” or “The School of House” areas and be part of 21 inspiring masterclasses completely devoted to your development as a music professional. 

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Selection of Seminars
  • How blockchain can change the music industry
  • Defining your brand with artwork & design
  • Launching your career in the music industry
  • Becoming a social media sensei
  • Starting a company in the music industry
  • Building a record label that lasts
  • Building online communities with Youtube
  • How to grow your fanbase and stay connected
  • Bookers & managers: Can’t Live With ‘Em, Can’t Live Without ‘Em
  • Spotfiy: The power of the playlist
  • Music rights for dummies
  • Becoming a broadcasting sensei
  • The making of a legendary venue
  • Wrapping the press around your finger
  • Going Viral
There is more

Besides over 100 top artists like Armin van Buuren, CMC$ and Spektre, there are many dance industry specialists present like José Woldring (CEO The Media Nanny), Maykel Piron (CEO Armada Music) and Daniel J. Lee (NCS). Dancefair is a unique opportunity to learn from top level experts and start building your industry network. Become inspired during the event breathing electronic music.

What you will learn:
  • How to build a long healthy career
  • How to launch a successful start-up
  • How develop your business and upscale
  • How blockchain can change the music industry
  • How to monetise your online community with YouTube and Spotify
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