I don’t have anyone to go to DF. What should I do?


Dancefair is about connecting with new people.

Did you know that 36% comes alone to the event?


This is one of the most asked questions online: ‘Who wants to go to Dancefair?’

Partly we understand this, but Dancefair has a totally different vibe then a club night or a festival where you’d probably feel like an ass walking around alone. ☺

AT DF everyone is looking for information, checking out the latest gear, but mostly to connect with one another.


Nobody is alone Dancefair. We are one.


So if you are one of the doubters? Don’t be afraid, be part of the community where you belong! Make music friends for life at the Demodrop, the DAW Café where you can find people using the same DAW or at the DJ Area where DJs come together.

Just bring your laptop or audio device, put on those headphones walk around and enjoy all the goods we have in store for you.

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