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Good news! Since of today the Mesto masterclass of Dancefair 2018 is available on Dancefair TV!


In this masterclass young talent Melle Stomp, a.k.a. Mesto, deconstructs his track “Chances” featuring American singer/songwriter Brielle von Hugel. He covers subjects like the creation of the Mesto sound with lead sounds and basslines, how to work with a vocalist and how to go from your instrumental to a vocal track, how to add live instrumentalists to your track, FL Studio pro tips and tricks and more!


The 18-year-old Mesto has already made a strong name for himself. He signed an exclusive deal with Spinnin’ Records, a co-management deal with MusicAllStars Management and he’s been releasing tracks with the biggest artists in the world, such as “Bouncy Bob” and “WIEE” with Martin Garrix, “Coming Home” with Tiesto, “Chatterbox” with Fox Stevenson and “BRUH” with Curbi. He also released a solo track, called “Step Up Your Game”.

Mesto thought himself a lot by watching videos and by just trying out. That’s exactly the reason for us to share all these masterclasses and information with you! Absorb the information, go do and see where you end up. Maybe this masterclass inspires you for the next big hit …

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