Dancefair had the opportunity to share some insights with you on how mega talent Mark Villa was discovered at Dancefair and got signed to Mixmash Records!
Mark, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions. We are sure our Dancefair audience would love to hear about how you were discovered at Dancefair. Can you tell us how and when this happened?

Thanks for having me! I think it was February 2015 when I went to Dancefair! I heard some great stories about it, so I went there with my dad. I wanted to attend a lot of seminars, but also wanted to take this opportunity to drop my demo at as many labels as I could. I didn’t really know at what level of production I was, so this was a great chance for me to see what the feedback would be like. I was really surprised by the reactions of most of the labels & one of the labels was Mixmash Records. A few months later they contacted me & from there on we started working together.

How did your career evolve from that point onwards?

From that point, I started working together with the A&R’s who really guided me throughout the whole process. Eventually I also got to work with the whole Mixmash team, focusing on Socials, Marketing etc. Since May 2016, we have been releasing almost every 2 months & that evolved into me doing some shows as well! I was lucky to have a lot of opportunities such as playing at Tomorrowland, having collabs with one of my favourite artists & being on live television to name a few.

You have played some huge festivals last year and the year before, this year you have some other gigs planned already. What is it like to perform for these crowds at such a young age?

I feel really blessed to get the chance to play at such huge events/clubs such as Tomorrowland, Parookaville & Bootshaus. I haven’t done a lot of shows till’ now, but the shows that I played the last 2 years were absolutely amazing. At first, I was really nervous because that were actually my first shows ever, so it was all super new to me. But now that I’ve done a couple of shows, I begin to feel more confident behind the decks & I love trying to put on a better performance every time.

Recently you did a collab with Laidback Luke and also with Jonas Blue, besides this, you do a lot of remixes for huge artists. What makes your signature sound so popular do you think and do you have tips for other producers?

I actually have no idea! I just do what I love & I’m really happy and thankful that other people can also enjoy it. I have been working on music since I was 9/10 years old, so it’s already been a long journey for me till’ now. At one point (probably when I was around 14 years old) I felt like I came to a point where I was like; I’m somehow content with my production level. Melodies have played one of the most important parts in my music career & I tried to get the best out of me on that part. While I was on this journey, I tried to learn all about sounds, arrangement & a little bit mixing too. I think hard work is just super important!

Finally, do you have any tips for DJ/producers like yourself who just signed their first track, how do you keep your career going after that big break?

I’d say; try to put out as much good music as you can. Try to make sure that the melodies are catchy. Try to send it to DJs or labels. Or even release it yourself, maybe on Soundcloud or through big Youtube channels or something like that. That way you can’t go unnoticed in this industry I think. Your name keeps popping up & if you keep bringing quality, people will see this & keep an eye on you!

Do you, Mixmash and Laidback Luke have something special to offer to the young and upcoming producers visiting Dancefair 2018?

Yes! For sure. This year Mixmash is hosting it’s very own area during Dancefair on Saturday. We have chosen an intimate surrounding in area 15. I host my own masterclass where I give an insight in how I make my tracks. Furthermore there is a dedicated demo drop and a masterclass by Laidback Luke. The Mixmash Records area is personal, up close and to the point!

Demo Drop Mixmash Records: Mixmash Records (Area 15) – 11:00/12:00 

Be ready to get some honest and constructive feedback from the industry’s most talented producers. Mark Villa (House), RetroVision (Future House) and Pyrodox (Future Bass, Trap) are giving you individual feedback on your best demo’s.

Production Masterclass Mark Villa: Mixmash Records (Area 15) – 13:45/14:45

Producing whizzkid Mark Villa will show you everything you need to know about how he creates his tracks and give tips on how to stick to your signature sound while staying original in every production.

Production Masterclass Laidback Luke: Mixmash Records (Area 15) – 15:15/16:15

Laidback Luke will take you step by step through the process of arranging your track perfectly, one of the most essential skills you need to master in order to become a successful producer.

Mixmash Records offers something special for Dancefair visitors. You can win 2 guaranteed tickets for the masterclass of Laidback Luke plus a written feedback on your demo by mail. What do you have to do? 

  1. Read this interview by Mark Villa
  2. Be sure to already have a Dancefair ticket for Saturday
  3. Send an email towards to apply before Friday 16:00 / 4pm
  4. You will get an email on Friday 22:00 if you are the chosen one to win this prize

Thanks a lot for this interview Dancefair! 

Best, Mark