Are you a vocalist, drummer, keyboardist, guitarist or bass player and do you think that Dancefair has nothing to offer you? That is not true.

Modern Music Creation 

Modern musicians are living in the golden age of technology. Influences from all over the world unify into that avant-garde sound of modern music. Today’s ingenious techniques integrate original ideas with creative workflows. All these new developments create fascinating opportunities. But where do you start and what do you focus on? Dancefair offers an entire weekend filled with masterclasses for modern musicians, producers and instrumentalists. Go in-depth, feel the vibe and breathe music.

Modern Music Topics

  • Composing & arranging
  • Mixing & mastering
  • Pitch correction & autotune
  • Finishing tracks & writer blocks
  • Recording & stage performing
  • Music business for independent artists
  • Royalties, blockchain, streaming and vinyl

What You Will Learn

  • How to create tracks with that dynamic and human sound
  • How to use pitch correction and autotune
  • How to use looping and sampling effectively
  • How to use vocals and songwriting to create uniqueness
  • How to use simple management techniques for music production
  • How to create a network and reach the right people
  • How to create a buzz and get people to know you
  • How collective rights work and which parties are involved

Everything for instrumentalists and modern music makers

Dancefair offers allot of areas and masterclasses which will surely interest you. Check this shortlist:

  • Advanced mixing & mastering masterclasses
  • An entire weekend of Ableton with live instruments and looping
  • Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam about vinyl, streaming, compression and eq
  • In the studio with LA-based engineer Luca Pretolesi
  • Modern business with agencies, Spotify and Youtube
  • Networking with like-minded artists, industry professionals, start-ups and small businesses

Exchange knowledge and get answers.

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