Industry Professionals

Dancefair offers established music professionals a chance to evolve. With a dedicated Business of Music Area we link you to the latest innovations and trends in the music industry. With masterclasses from José Woldring (CEO Media Nanny), Maykel Piron (CEO Armada) and Daniel J. Lee (NCS, AEI Group) this is your opportunity to connect with top level professionals and build your network.

Start your Career and Business

Do you want to get started as a music professional or launch your own small business in the music industry? Dancefair is your once in a year chance to learn from the best and the experienced. Besides this, Dancefair is a gathering of professionals closely related to the music industry. Think about event management, web design, social media management, artist management, photography, film, administration, legal advice and finance. Actually this list is endless. If you want to start your career or develop your business, Dancefair is the place to be.

Business Topics:
  • Event, Club, Festival
  • Spotify, Youtube & Blockchain
  • Online Business & Social Media
  • Marketing, Communication, PR
  • From Start-up to Upscale
Dancefair for the Music Industry:
  • Business of Music Area
  • Start-ups & Innovators
  • Small Business & Upscale
  • Music Industry & Health
  • Connect & Network Area
  • Industry Professionals Area
What you will learn:
  • How to build a long healthy career
  • How to launch a successful start-up
  • How develop your business and upscale
  • How blockchain can change the music industry
  • How to monetise your online community with YouTube and Spotify

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