CMC$ Production Masterclass: Area 1 – Mainstage – Saturday – 17:15/18:00 

From talent to heavyweight With a badass name like CMC$ (See Me Counting Stacks), From hosting his own parties to teaming up with Martin Garrix in Ibiza, it will not be long before you will see him featured on all the international main stages. Looking at the overall progress CMC$ has made over these past years, the quality of his original productions, hosting his own parties and combining this with his relentless on stage presence, there is no saying when his rollercoaster of success will be halted

CMC$ will take you deep into Logic Pro X and show you how to arrange drums, vocals and melody in one take. Deconstructing a fresh track and showing you how he as a producer makes decisions to please the crowd and stay faithful to his own, personal approach to creative music.