Spinnin’ Academy

Spinnin’ Academy was launched in 2017 as a gathering between aspiring (home) producers and Spinnin’ signed artists. Simply put, it’s a place where knowledge, music and experiences are exchanged, taking shape in several workshops, demo drops, masterclasses and Q&A sessions. Anyone interested in how (dance) music is created and what to expect when starting an artist career, get your tips & tricks at the Spinnin’ Academy. After gatherings at Dancefair, more editions will follow in 2018.

Confirmed artists Mike Williams, Blasterjaxx, Bougenvilla, Gregor Salto, Dante Klein, Dastic, Trobi, Sophie Francis and Mesto

Production Masterclass Mike Williams

Mike will show us his production workflow and deconstruct one of his latest tracks. We’re diving into the workflow of Mike Williams, so get ready with host and the voice of the renowned Spinnin’ Sessions parties: MC Haits.

  • Deconstructing “You & I”
  • Vocal chopping in Logic Pro X
  • Songwriting. Writing catchy melodies
  • The Mike Williams sound. How does he do it?

Spinnin’ Academy Sunday – 17:30 – 18:15

Production Q&A Blasterjaxx moderated by Gregor Salto

In the space of just a few years, Blasterjaxx have ascended the journey from relatively unknown producers to heroes of the current scene in astounding fashion. Blasterjaxx will literally answer all your questions and will share tips & tricks on how to market yourself as an artist or producer. The complete Q&A is moderated by Gregor Salto.

Spinnin’ Academy Sunday – 15:00 – 15:45

Production Masterclass Bougenvilla

Bougenvilla: “Our hit ‘Nagini’ opened new doors for us. We are thrilled to show you how we made it. We got so many questions about the thick sound the track has. The funny thing is, it’s just one lead sound that glues the whole track together. It’s one hook. This will be the foundation of our masterclass. Less is more. This will create much more energy and you can learn from that. See you there!”

  • How to make a track using one hook
  • Using plugs that helps you to produce ‘in key’
  • Deconstruction of ‘Nagini’

Spinnin’ Academy Sunday – 13:45 – 14:30

Spinnin’ Next Panel: Dante Klein, Dastic, Trobi, Sophie Francis

Everybody dreams to get signed by a major like Spinnin’. The story behind it cannot be told better then Dante Klein, Dastic, Trobi and Sophie Francis. What is their story? How did they got discovered? How has their lifes changed? And how can you learn from this as an upcoming artist?

What you will learn:

  • To believe in your dreams
  • The pros and cons of an succesful artist life
  • Get to know Dante, Dastic, Sophie and Trobi

Spinnin’ Academy Sunday – 12:30 – 13:15

Production Masterclass Mesto

Mesto is back with another brand new masterclass! Mesto has made a strong name for himself due to his unique ways of music production. Mesto will be showing you how he made Chances, and much more!

  • Deconstructing “Chances feat. Brielle Von Hugel”
  • The Mesto sound. Making lead sounds and basslines.
  • Working with a vocalist. From instrumental to vocal track.
  • Adding live instrumentalists to your track. From MIDI to live guitar.
  • FL Studio pro tips and tricks

Spinnin’ Academy Sunday – 11:15 – 12:00

Of course you also have your chance to drop your demo. Be early. Be first. More artists to be announced to this already amazing and powerful program by Spinnin’ Academy.