Spinnin’ Records is the world’s biggest electronic music label. Knowing that, isn’t it damn’ special that they always seem to find the time to be part of Dancefair each year? Not just for their own benefit, but truly eager to help upcoming DJ’s and Producers that are seeking for knowledge or want to be heard. Spinnin’ understands Dancefair’s DNA and stands with us by helping you all, to become more succesful in whatever you want to achieve in music.

Realizing that, we couldn’t be more proud  Thank you Spinnin’ Records. ❤️

What to expect of Spinnin’ Records on Sunday

  • A massive Spinnin’ area of 1000 capacity where Spinnin’ artists show their DJ and production skills
  • A huge Spinnin’ Records stand on the expo floor where you can drop your demo to the Spinnin’ A&R team
  • Meet Spinnin’ artists (soon to be announced) on the stand to meet and to ask for your musical questions.


We honestly advise you to already start buying your Early Bird Weekenders! Because the Saturday program will be awesome too!

Tickets are now available: Tickets

Set yourself on attending: Facebook Event