Hey Producers, DJs, computer geeks, entrepreneurs and most importantly, music lovers! It feels so good to tell you we are working hard on the program of Dancefair 2019. We’re on fire right now! Or like we say at our Dutch offices: “We zijn aan het vlammen!”.

This week we’ll be announcing many of the participating brands who will host a masterclass area during Dancefair 2019. You’ll be seeing familiar faces, but also new guests joining the party. Can you guess who?

Dancefair 2019 program

After 8 years of Dancefair, starting out in 2011, we never could’ve imagined the conference becoming as big as it is now. How could we ever top our previous years? Well you’ll find out soon enough with our daily program announcements during this week. After we reveal all of the 20 areas, we will start revealing new speakers and artists when they’re confirmed. So keep an eye out for the program on our website and socials.


We’re taking Dancefair to the next level, and we would like to invite you to join us on this journey! Share your thoughts with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and let us know who you’d like to see at Dancefair 2019!