Each year, upcoming artists get discovered at Dancefair’s Demodrop.

Here are some tips that you have to remember before entering the Demodrop in order to get the most out of it:

  1. Labels will have headphones. You must bring your audio device like a laptop, phone, tablet, whatever, with your music on there
  2. Don’t forget to fully charge your audio device or phone
  3. Maximum of two songs per label, skip long intro
  4. If a label likes your track, they will give you their personal email to connect
  5. You can bring some extra usb’s to give your music to an interested label
  6. Don’t just focus only on major labels. Smaller labels are also a little more experimental and adventurous for new sounds.
  7. A Good idea is to bring business cards. A bit old-fashioned maybe, but still works

Dannic (Label owner, Fonk Recordings)

“The best tip I can give is that you turn up with a 100% finished track where you believe in most. What also helps is to make a shorter edit of the track where the hook or the signature of the track comes early. You don’t have much time with a label, so better get the most out of the minutes you get. Also make sure the sound matches the label. No point of coming to the Fonk Demodrop booth with a Trap track while we don’t release that kind of music.”

Norman Soares (Founder Dancefair)

“Be prepared for negative reactions. You may believe your music is ready to hit the charts, but you cannot expect that everybody thinks the same. This can be hurtful; it’s your heart and passion that you are presenting to a stranger. But also remember this: Every A&R has their personal taste and not every label is suitable for you. The labels are there to help. Comments on your music, even negative, could be crucial info to become a better producer, musician or songwriter. You could not be ready today, but there could be another time and place.


Be open to criticizm. Be humble and do not get frustrated too much. It’s part of your journey as an artist.


Another thing that is pretty important in my opinion, is to come fresh and organized. Bring your bizz card, be positive and open to everyone you meet. You never know when you cross paths again. Of course it’s about the music first, but nobody wants to work or help unprofessional not likeable people.”