Tinlicker Masterclass in 50:HERTZ Techno Area

Based out of Utrecht, Jordi van Achthoven and Micha Heyboer make you the Tinlicker duo. Always honing their progressive sounds, continually shaping their destination, creating their new ideal in electronic music. Crafted by an expression of computerised soul, Tinlicker are the modern face of Dutch electronic dance music.

F*** Genres Masterclass

What happens when you get in the studio and let music take its course freely. Without aiming for a specific genre, who knows what it might evolve towards. That must be exactly what the guys of Tinlicker think every time they get started on a project. The one project results in something, which deserves to be pounded throughout the Gashouder at Awakenings, and the other project leads them to Deadmau5 or even to the more progressive oriented mainstage of Mysteryland. These guys are taking their sound upstream without caring for the rules of any genre…and guess what…everybody is loving it! And so will you, so come learn from these amazing trendsetters and be inspired!

What will you learn:
  • How will your way of working be influenced when you stop focussing on a certain genre?
  • How can you positively influence your workflow when you stop copying tracks from a certain genre?
  • What problems will you face when producing genre free music?
  • How do you deal with the “what people think” factor in this process?
  • How do you present yourself as an artist when you choose to play a wide variety of music?

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