Listening to music is great

As a DJ or producers our ears re doin’ the most important part of the work. They receive the musical meesage translated in the brain into music and emotions. Our hearing system is a very complex and sensitive organ that needs to be treated carefully. It plays a major part in our ability to function whether to be able to communicate, take pleasure in music or handle risk situations. The hearing organ is delicate and you should take proper care of it. Just like eating healthy, doin’ some sports and sleeping well, you as a musician need to take care of your ears.

That is why Dancefair connect with Variphone. Variphones earplugs enable you to enjoy your passion to the fullest. From parties to rock concerts, from touring to visiting dance festivals. With more than 15 years of experience with in-ear systems, Variphone is Europe’s major manufacturer of in-ear monitors.

Special offer during Dancefair 2018

Visit Variphone during Dancefair 2018 on the 6000m2 expo floor and listen to their in-ears on their stand. You can test your current earplugs and see if they are leaking and stiull protecting your ears properly. Furthermore we have a special for you during Dancefair.

Let your ears be measured by the professionals of Variphone for a perfect fit of the Variphone MEP2G

Only on Dancefair, only €99,- – You can pay by card (PIN) on the Variphone stand.

This is an absolute must-have for any DJ, producer and music lover.