Dancefair’s devotion to DJ

DJs and DJ/Producers this is your lucky day. You might as well buy your lottery ticket. Wait! Beter plan. Just buy your Dancefair Early-Bird Tickets and you will be the winner for sure!

In several areas you as a DJ will be in the centre of attention. It doesn’t matter if you focus on the Harder Styles, Future House, Trap, Bass, EDM, House or Techno. You will get the answers you are looking for. We focus on what you need as a DJ to start, to improve, to grow and to reinvent yourself.

Dedicated DJ Area

We’ve added a specialized DJ Area to the program: DJ Club. Here you will get love and devotion from DJs for DJs. Meet professionals, start expanding your knowledge and grow your community.

What you will learn:

To become a successful DJ it’s important to be heard, but also to be visible. You need to build your brand based on your personality and your music. Visibility online is crucial to enrich your profile and to target an ever growing audience. In the end we as DJs all focus on getting more bookings.

  • How to upgrade your skills and techniques
  • How to improve your DJ knowledge
  • How to effectively promote yourself online
  • How to raise your profile with social media management
  • How to organise your music
  • How to prepare your sets
  • Everything about DJ securities and insecurities
  • How to improve you networking skills
  • How to create balance between creativity and business
  • How to differentiate major from minor issues and keep focus

Many reasons to visit Dancefair 2018 as a DJ.

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